Were we hacked?

ON March 12th 2012 every post in this blog was deleted! Why, How? No one seems to know. I contacted my hosting company and they said nothing there has changed. Hmm  other than their name, billing company, mysql database time up, security of the web sites I host, by that i mean I was unable to get into any sites I have created and maintain for others!!

Those problems were fixed but what happened to my little fibro blog? Did I do it? maybe the fog got me and I accidentally highlighted all my posts and hit delete! naw it cant be done, you would have to select a page of 20 posts then select delete, then select apply, then click ok and continue that procedure for 1/2 an hour or so to get them all. Even in a fog I doubt I could get one page done.

Maybe it was WordPress, I didn’t do the latest update, could it have gotten pissed off and done it, or maybe one of the plugins I forgot to update and send a little something to the writer of the plug in.

Or someone figured out my 6 digit password and deleted everything, while I was still mentally capable, I searched the database on the server for the last entries and I found 4 posts that I had not written but they were signed by me! So they must have my login information!!!! but something had to go wrong, the posts were also in the trash can according to WordPress. So aparentally the culprits must also have fibro, cause they really messed this attemp up.

I think they originally tried to publish several posts or comments to the site using my credentials. Their posts had a ton of url’s and sales pitches for products that are supposed to help Fibro sufferers, something I would not allow to be posted or included in a comment as they are garbage.

So I have changed my password, deleted all user accounts, anyone who wants to comment or post will need a new account “Sorry”. I could sit here and cry over my misfortune and say why me!!!! but instead I will just continue doing what I can, Enjoy what I can and be so happy my Patricia is at work! and not somewhere else.. Can you believe it, only a few months ago we though she might never even be able to sit up or to see again and here she is working.. What me feel sorry for myself or my woes? No way!

So remember be Happy, Don’t worry, do what you can and let go and let God. And if you don’t believe in God, then just do the rest.


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