“Walking with Joel”

To stay in shape and keep my body moving, I have taken a walk
almost every day since September 2010. It's rare that I miss a
day and make it a point to take at least one hour to get outside or
hit the treadmill.

Last month I did a podcast that was recorded while I was walking.
You got to hear the crunching of leaves, the passing of cars and
all the other sounds associated with being right there with me.

I thought to myself... "Self, why not record a short video
sometimes while you are walking? You can share what's on your
mind, encourage other people to exercise and perhaps inspire them
with a thought?"
Myself responded favorably and I have started shooting short videos while I walk. Of course, I needed a creative name for this series. I didn't come up with one, so I just call it "Walking with Joel". (Clever, huh?) Click this link to see a sampler from the series... http://joelcomm.com/walking-with-joel.html I hope you are inspired! Do good stuff, Joel

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