Treating Fibromyalgia with Massage Therapy

by Jordan Rocksmith

Life with fibromyalgia has not been easy for me. I have one of the rare cases that strikes juveniles, so I have felt wiped out and in pain since before I started my freshman year of high school. I was unable to actively start seeking treatment until I had graduated–when my family had health insurance.

But since then, I have vigorously pursued various avenues of treatment to help me enjoy a higher quality of life. That is why I started investigating the benefits of massage therapy, and I have found that with a monthly massages in San Francisco, I lower my stress level and experience much less pain than I would without one.

If you suffer from this debilitating disease, then massage therapy may be one way to take your life back. Allow me to give a brief explanation on how this may work for you.

First off, there are numerous types of massage, including Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, and shiatsu, among others. All of these in their own way are meant to reduce soreness, stiffness, and inflammation while increasing flexibility and circulation throughout the body, but especially in the target area(s).

Virtually every reputable spa is going to do a detailed intake process with you in order to determine your specific concerns and how to address them in a way that works for you. Most massage therapists that I have worked with have dealt with several clients with fibro, so they will be familiar with your condition and be able to offer empathy and a tailored treatment just for your pain.

It is a good idea to go back to the same therapist every time, as you will become more comfortable with them over time as they also grow to understand your particular needs and sensitivities.

Some spas have membership programs or other special bonuses for frequently returning customers, so you can be rewarded for returning often. Plus, this will give you more flexibility to experiment with different types of massages.

I find deep-tissue massage to be especially beneficial for my brand of fibro, as my soreness rests deep within the muscles of my back. It also releases toxins, which decreases the inflammation that is my constant enemy.

However, many sufferers find deep-tissue to be very painful, so acupressure or reflexology exercises combined with a Swedish massage or hot stone therapy are alternatives to explore.

Many fibromyalgia patients feel frustrated by their often long searches for relief and are wary of experimenting with alternative treatments. But if nothing else, it sure is relaxing–so why not call your favorite spa today?

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