The Dangers Of Belly Fat

by Derek Cladek

Belly Fat Problems

It is easy to look in the mirror and see fat around your midsection and you have probably always wanted to get rid of it. Your main reason to get rid of that midsection belly fat is probably because you want to look good in a bathing suit or impress someone special. Well, maybe I can give you a little more motivation to get rid of that belly fat other than just to look good. Recent studies have shown that people who struggle with fat in the midsection are more at risk at acquiring type 2 diabetes, cardio vascular disease and metabolic syndrome, and that is because fat around the midsection can be caused my a damaged metabolism. It’s sounds scary, and probably because it is scary. No one wants to get any of those three diseases, my mom has diabetes and it is not a fun thing at all.

Here are some reasons to explain what is happening with your body when excess fat is stored around the midsection. I want to start off by saying not all fat is bad; there is a healthy balance in a person life they should have. You always see these runway models go down the walk looking like sticks and that is not healthy. But also, on the other end of the spectrum it is not healthy to be over weight, and here’s why. If that fat which is stored around your belly starts getting out of control, it will make you gain weight faster and that is not good. The reason it is not good is because the further the fat gets away from the body the less oxygen it receives, and that causes poor circulation. The energy that is stored in those fat cells become busted, wrecked, broken, let’s see what is another way I can put it, kaput!

Those fat cells actually start working against your body. This is the reason why it is so important to have a workout plan that just does not get rid of your belly fat but teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to get you started. Start to do abdominal workouts, and just do a few, really push yourself and focus on your ab muscles. You should do it until you cannot do anymore. Do a minimum 35 minutes of cardio, if you have bad knees or ankles try to find a low impact exercise that will get your heart rate up. And here is the kicker, stop eating junk food! Start eating healthy, it might be hard at first but you can do it.

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