The Beginning of My Fibromyalgia

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Hello Everyone,

My personal story began about 3 1/2 years ago. My wife decided that I needed to get a check up, seeing I had not had one in about 20 years I agreed to it. Let me start by saying, I felt fine at the time. Some aches and pains that I attributed to the aging process, I was 52 at the time, but with my dad dying at 59 from Colon Cancer I figured maybe I should get checked out.

All my life I suffered with hypoglycemia, I had to eat 4 -5 times a day or I would get light headed and just a little testy! Well I said a little testy, my family called it being a real shit head :) Well any way I went to our local doctor for a check up.

During my first visit I was poked and prodded pretty good, I never experienced a prostate exam before ! OMG that was embarrassing and very uncomfortable. I weighed in at 172, not too bad for a 5’8 guy. I blew the lung exam turns out I have the lungs of an 87 year old . Then urine and blood samples, after 2 hours I was able to leave, but had to return in a week for the results. I did mention the aches and pains, however the doctor was not concerned with them.

2 nd visit:

Relatively short visit, the doctor told me I have diabetes and that my cholesterol could not be read because my Triglycerides where way off the chart. I asked how the heck I could have diabeites when I had hypoglycemia? well apparently one leads to the other and you can have both at once! Who knew? As the shock of the diabetes was starting to set in, the good doctor also informed me that my urine also had blood and some defective cells in it. Ok so now I am in a panic.. What the hell is going on here. Oh did I mention my dad also had diabetes along with his cancer? He orders a few tests, Mri, ultrasound, and more blood work. See ya in 3 weeks.

More later! Doc

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