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Bad News for Fibromalgia Sufferers

Insurance companies are denying Fibromyalgia patients proper access to treatments for their chronic pain condition. Doctors are having a difficult time getting their fibromyalgia patients the appropriate therapies. While there are treatments available, including the FDA fast tracked prescription medicine Lyrica and now Cymbalta, there is a serious lack of access to treatments. Continue reading

Living with Chronic Illness & Disorders: Are You a Survivor?

Author: C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot


“Once upon a time, I was a vibrant, youthful teenager…”

My First Encounter

During my first pregnancy, I had contracted chicken pox from my young nephews and niece. Though it made for an irritable time in my initial trimester, I hadn’t given it much aforethought. In the last part of my pregnancy, Continue reading