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ARC Announces Patients Safety Alerts

If you are among the millions of people who take prescription medication each day, you might find it confusing to remember all the details about taking those medications. Those who take prescription drugs as well as those with replacement joints and other prosthetics need to be aware of FDA updates that affect them. For many patients, this task can seem overwhelming. Unfortunately, health and safety risks grow much greater when a patient doesn’t receive word of a safety update or medical recall. What would happen if you were affected by a hip replacement recall but unaware that the recall had been issued? Continue reading

Are You Effected by the Hip Recall?

by Maxwel Schmickman

Have you or anyone you know undergone hip replacement surgery? As American’s age, and want to remain healthy and active, many are turning to hip replacements as an option that helps them stay on the go, and free from pain.

These are operations that have been performed for almost forty years, and while invasive, have great results. With a standard replacement however, it will need to be replaced, usually within ten years. The Zimmer hip implant promised to change that, making hip replacement a viable option for younger seniors. However, their claims have not held up. This has led to a massive hip recall.

If you’re an older American, it’s likely that you or someone you know has had a hip replacement with a device similar to the one involved in the hip recall. As we get older, our bodies begin to break down from age and overuse. Joints are especially prone to becoming damaged, making mobility extremely difficult or painful. Why have hip replacements become more common place over the last thirty years? Because over that time the American population is aging as never before. Not only are there more seniors, but they are living much longer than previously, meaning that their joints are being used for longer, and more, than ever before.

The hip recall is targeted to a device made by the Zimmer Durom company. This device was used for those needing a hip replacement at a younger age than is normal. For most of those receiving a hip replacement, their lifespan will not be longer than that of the normal device, which is about ten years. But for those in their fifties and sixties, the possibility of outliving an implant, and needing it replaced with more surgery, is high. Therefore, the device in the hip recall was marketed as having a much longer life, meaning it would be much less likely to need replacement during a users lifetime.

These claims were actually false. At a clinic where many of the devices were installed, a doctor noted that twelve percent of patients who received the Zimmer Durom implant needed to have them surgically replaced within two years. This number is much higher than it should be given their claims of longevity, and it much higher than that of even a traditional implant. The discrepancy led to calls for a hip recall. Zimmer Durom claimed that the high failure rates at the clinic were caused by doctor error, but in fact, in their own internal study, seven percent of the devices failed within two years. Because of this high number, the company pulled the hip replacement device in July 2008.

If you or a loved one received a hip replacement at any point before July 2008, contact your doctor immediately to see if it is part of the hip recall. If it is, even if you do not need an immediate surgical replacement, you may be qualified to join a class action suit against the Zimmer Durom company.

Do you know someone who has had a hip replacement? If you do, ask them who manufactured it. If it was Zimmer Durom implant, they may be part of a hip replacement recall.

Article Source: Are You Effected by the Hip Recall?