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Pain in the @#$$

Pain, It is a huge part of our lives. We try not to let it interfere with us, but it does anyway. We all have our own ways for dealing with it and those who love us, for they can be worse than the pain and the long list of other “complaints” that we have. I am fortunate, I have been diagnosed with several “REAL” diseases, and  open heart bypass surgery.

By fortunate ‘and I think most of you already know” with having these people now treat me different. If I get tired, they suggest I take a nap or “lay down for a while” that use to be part of Bob’s getting lazy or “just get moving, you’ll be fine”

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Avoid Animal Proteins When Suffering From Fibromyalgia

by Ricky William

This is the most common inflammatory type of arthritis. It affects about one percent of the total population and is the auto-immune form of arthritis. It is characterized by the inflammation of the synovial linings of the joint. Continue reading