Poor Alec Baldwin

Poor Alec Baldwin force-ably removed from an American Airlines Plane for playing a non interfering game at the gate.. And I think I have problems :) Fortunately that would never happen to me for several reasons.

1. I am basically a nice guy who does what is asked of him by a superior. Yes when in the plane, your airline personnel are there to provide you a safe, comfortable trip and in these times they are also your superior, just like in jail, they are the jailer and you are the prisoner, So Alec needs to pretend (that’s acting) to be his younger brother, what’s his name.

2. My hands would hurt so much I would be happy to put it away and take some more meds.

3. Would be same as two, I would be 1/2 a sleep, drugged out, trying to reduce the tension and anticipation of sitting in a seat for hours, knowing my legs would start jumping soon after takeoff. but hopefully I would pass out until I reached my destination.

4. Can’t afford to fly, and if I did I would not use American, They suck, They buy up smaller companies, run up the debt then file bankruptcy all the while laying off good employees, and reducing service in every department. But maybe they will be too big to fail this time and get a bail out.

Which brings us back to Alec, no not really. Flying is more the subject. How do you manage to fly? This is something almost all of us have done or will do in the future. Do you have a method to it? How do you prepare?

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