Obama care? Update

It has been a rather upsetting  month for me. It began last month with my Pain Doctor telling me that after 6 months of trying his office was still not authorized to take my insurance. I have been his patient for over 3 years but he decided to leave the Hospital Clinic which was closing soon and start his own pain clinic.

My primary care doctor was searching for a replacement for me but the earliest appointment was in April and not guaranteed, furthermore he would not write my pain medications, leaving me without my medications and having to go through withdrawal.
I have been taking narcotics for over 3 years so I imagine there would be some kind of reaction, not to mention the pain.

I called his office just before Christmas and was surprised to hear that they had been finally approved and they made an appointment for me On January 9, I was ecstatic and relieved beyond compare!!

January 8th, Pain Doctors office calls to say that my insurance will not authorize the office visit. The insurance had been changed to meet the new Obama Care regulations and it cut out my pain clinic visits as part of what is covered!! Thank You Obama!

Now I am almost out of meds, fortunately I had put away a few on days that I felt good, which wasn’t many! but it allowed me to function. With both my doctors office and myself calling and harassing the insurance company we finally got it worked out and I would now be covered again and my Doctor would get paid. Turns out he was not charging me for the 6 months he waited for the insurance, It only became a serious problem because I was due for a urine test to make sure I was taking and not selling my meds and those tests are quite expensive, That he nor I could pay for.

Next available appointment was for the 31st of January but he cover Doctor wrote me enough medications to get me there, so I swung over (1- 1/4 hr drive, each way) and picked up the scripts. So for the moment I am OK but nervous that we may still run into a problem.

I am hearing too many horror stories about Obama Care from people I know who where in our State Connector Insurance (Massachusetts) program. They were forced to re-signup and go through the process to pick insurance companies and primary care doctors, which most were the same as they had but now the policies cost more, had higher deductions and covered less. Whats up with that? When I get some proof, I will post actual stories. Until then…bye

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