Obama Care, Just what we all needed, right?

I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I live in Massachusetts, USA. I am disabled and on a very limited income but I have been fortunate that with Mitt Romney signing in our comprehensive health care insurance system, I was able to obtain a quality plan for a very modest payment. This plan has paid for all of my past surgeries, tests, doctors, pharmacies during the last 6 years. This included my c2-c5 fusion at a prestigious hospital done by a top surgeon with little wait time. My co-pays have been as high as $5.00 for brand name drugs and doctor visits. A plan as good as any major health provider!

The way it was set up was you had to have insurance or pay a fine/fee on your tax return, If you were on a lower pay scale you or the company you worked at could sign up online (website worked on day one) if approved for state assistance with your premium, you then could select from 4 different insurance companies, they all had to offer the same coverage but could offer other services that made them different, like 24 hour nurse hotlines, discounts at gyms ect.

Now this worked out well, taxpayers saved millions from the reduced amount of uninsured using the emergency department as a family doctor, now they could get a primary care doctor. This and the tax revenue went into the plan to subsidize the people with low incomes, this included people with up to 200 % of the federal poverty level plus additional amounts for each child. I mean you could be making 60,000 a year and get help!

So now you know a little about the plan that Romney should have called his own and been proud of as it worked to get 1/2 million uninsured people insurance! His mistake may have cost him the election.

Since Obamacare has been started our state run system is converting to the national plan in many ways. First everyone had to resign up and these number will look like new enrollee’s for the Obama Care. Which as most things related to his administration, it will be a lie. The change also made the insurance companies make some changes to coverage which has caused me personal grief.

I have been going to a pain clinic for over 2 years and after many different approaches the end result is I am on a low dose of Oxycontin with 10mg Percosets to add as needed. This is maintenance, has been the same for over a year. My primary care doctor will not take over, he is afraid to prescribe these meds for more than a week and with the feds going crazy over them I don’t blame him, but my problem is with the insurance change, my Pain Clinic is no longer on their list and has been trying to get re established for 6 months.

In the mean time, he has been seeing me without getting paid!!! Amazing huh! well on my last visit he game me 2 months worth of scripts and a goodbye handshake. They will continue trying but with only 7 or 8 patients with this insurance, it is costing to much in secretarial time and effort. I cannot even pay for my visits because every now and then they have to do really expensive urine tests to satisfy the DEA that we are taking the meds and those I cannot afford. They are afraid that we will sell our meds and I admit there are some people who do, but I need every single ONE.

So now I have to pray the insurance works out before my next visit, but in the mean time I have to make arrangements to get a new Pain Clinic. Will they just go by my former doctors diagnosis or are they going to put me through a ton of tests and changes in medications AGAIN. There have been no new Fibro Meds that I haven’t tried, most had very adverse effects on me. Then there is the narrowing of my C2 vertebrae which is compressing the nerve, It is inoperable, they cleared it the best they could when I had my C3-C5 Fusion a few years ago. that causes a lot of pain in my shoulder.

So Mr Obama, I wish you stayed in Chicago as a community organizer. I do not believe you have what is needed to lead this great country. Yes I am on ASSISTANCE, After working 45 years!!! Having run my own company with 15 employee’s. Bad things can happen to anyone. Stupid me, I didn’t take a check out of my company for years in order to keep paying my employees. I didn’t realize and my accountant never mentioned that not paying into Social Security for a few years would kill my ability to receive disability if anything ever happened to me. My mistake, My problem. Company finally died, I became disabled and no disability check from social security (not eligible) No money left either, put it into keeping company going. I must have had Fibro Fog then as I should have closed it , sold any assets and retired. NO IRA nothing, but a 250,000 mortgage on a 225,000 house waiting for the market to change so we can sell. But I am way off topic (sorry)

The new Health care plan is plainly not working, it is responsible for many (me) losing our insurance and / or doctors before the Federal plan is even in effect. by the way for $500,000 me and a few of my counterparts could build a web system that actually works!

In conclusion, I did not need this plan, the people of Massachusetts did not need this plan, no one I know needs this plan. So who is it really for? and what is hidden inside those 10,000 pages?

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