Natural Arthritis Cures

by Matt Traverso

Do you have pain in your joints or are you suffering from joint stiffness, swelling and redness? If, the answer is “Yes” then go see a doctor. Such symptoms indicate that you are suffering from ‘Arthritis’. Usually, people face this problem after the age of fifty or fifty five but nowadays even amongst youngsters, it has been diagnosed.

A cure for arthritis may now be available but it also depends upon the types of arthritis. It can be diagnosed at any local hospital or by any general practitioner (GP). When you see your physician, don’t hesitate to provide full description of pain, stiffness or other symptoms. You may be asked to have X-rays & blood tests done. X-rays and blood tests help determine your form of arthritis.

In some forms of arthritis, such as Osteoarthritis, there is inflammation arising because the smooth covering (articular cartilage) on the ends of bones become damaged or worn. When the cartilage wears out bones rub against each other which can cause excruciating pain.

A wise person always looks for a natural arthritis remedy so, a physiotherapist may be one of the choices. Most of the time, physiotherapists do not suggest any drugs. On the contrary, they suggest few simple exercises and work upon limited mobility. They focus upon restoring mobility, strength and flexibility of affected body parts. There are many physiotherapists who can provide a personalized treatment plan. It can be segregated into six parts such as; exercise, posture, massage, TENS, hydrotherapy and pain relief techniques (like: Electrotherapy).

In addition to physiotherapy, there are many treatments which help to lower the pain and even reverse the condition. Good nutrition is an essential part of the treatment in addition to exercise and weight loss. If people are carrying too much weight, then weight loss is crucial as osteoarthritis will aggravate weight-bearing joints such as the hips, knees and spine. Before taking up any form of exercise it is advisable for the patient to consult with a physician. The wrong sort of exercise could result in more damage to the joints.

The use of heat cushions or ice packs can also help to reduce pain. Never take alternative or herbal medicines for arthritis without a doctor’s approval. Finally, surgery may be an option in some cases, particularly those concerning the hip as well as other joints. Joint replacement techniques have improved tremendously over the years and, for people suffering constant pain, surgery can provide them with a new lease of life.

5 tips to Cure Arthritis Naturally
1. Eat live! You should eat as many fresh raw foods that you can. By giving up preservatives and additives you can actually prevent future arthritis flare-ups. Arthritis prevention is always the best treatment for arthritis.
2. Hydrate your body (drink half your body weight in ounces daily). This is something you want to do consistently!
3. Move! Avoid living in a box: Stay active, and move as many muscles in your body as you can daily! Find a physical movement that you enjoy such as walking, dancing, yoga, martial arts, re-bounding etc. and include it as often as possible in your life. Remember, the body develops and heals itself through MOTION.
4. Eat lightly and as always, make sure that at least 70% of your diet consists of high-water content, live, alkalizing foods. Up to 30% can be cooked foods (cold-water fish like mackerel and salmon, whole-grain carbohydrates, and quality oils).
5. Lower your sugar intake. Most arthritic symptoms are associated with high levels of sugar.
6. Start to detox your world by using chemical free products.
7. Have you heard of deer velvet? Velvet antler is believed to be a significant anti-inflammatory agent for the symptoms of arthritis and to cure for arthritiscure arthritis naturally.
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