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My son came home to find me on the floor and helped me to the sofa, He called my wife at work who called my doctor to see what to do, My Doctor immediately takes me off the Prozac and Amitripiline and said the symptoms should go away in a few hours, If not then call an ambulance and head for the emergency room, fortunately the symptoms go away on their own.

The good doctor then put me on Imipramine a 40 year old medication that was used for seizures and now mostly for kids who wet the bed ???? Funny thing is it is helping with the pain, not gone but bearable and I am still taking it today.

Well it seems that my Fibro is a little under control now, my diabetes is doing fine, no bladder or colon cancer and now its time to visit the neurologist for a brain scan… Well the scan shows a little scarring and deterioration but nothing really bad, so off to have a scan of the carotid arteries to make sure they are not plugged, Again they are ok.. Now I am still wondering about the shoulder pain, but hey I am doing pretty good.

Next checkup with my doctor brings more news, seems there is something wrong with my blood tests and he orders another. While at home the next day my Doctor CALLS ME, this never happens, and asks me to Come in and asks if I have had my daily aspirin ?????, well ya I told him, I take it everyday why? No answer..

I drive to his office at once and get taken right in “another first” Doc explains that I have way too much iron in my blood and it can cause heart attacks, and or damage all major organs in my body.. So now I am feeling really shitty again, and I am off to see a hematologist the Next day..

When I walk into the office waiting room it is full of elderly sick looking people, yup most of them have cancer and get treatments here. Anyway this doc says that I have a genetic disorder called Hemochromatosis and the only treatment is having a weekly phlebotomy for 3-4 months, that will bring the levels down. For those of you who don’t know what a phlebotomy is, it is like donating blood, they put a needle in tour vein and drain out a pint of blood . Did I mention I hate needles and have very small veins?

I will leave out the gory details of my visits to the vampires, needless to say I am greeted by 2 phlebotomists who take turns sticking me, 4 or 5 times per session. After 2 -3 hours I get to go home and go to bed, it wipes me out.

Well that brings us current, I finished the 4 months and have 2 months off before returning, and it should be only once or twice a month for the rest of my life.. My arms look like a heroin users.

Its getting near time for all the scans again so I am sure there will be more to the story later

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