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3 months later, back at my docs, arms and shoulders have really deteriorated so doc schedules an appointment with a Neurosurgeon, A Neurologist and a leading Fibro/ Lupus doctor at the Brigham and Women s Hospital in Boston. His name is Dr Peter Shure and has done extensive research on Fibromyalgia and is the head of the Lupus Department.

The neurosurgeon does a scan of my neck and upper spine, on my visit he thinks that is from the Fibro because it affects both arms and a nerve problem would effect one side. The scan shows a herniated disc, lopsided alignment and some degeneration, I opt for a Cervical Epidural while I am there, I figure what the heck, It takes about a minute and does not hurt at all. He suggest that I get to the Fibro Specialist as soon as possible, and he doubles the amount of Lyrica I am taking.

Next day I have gotten a case of the jerks! My whole body is jerking like I was having convulsions or had severe Parkinson’s disease. I can’t even sit on a chair, I fall off! I am scared out of my mind. My doctor told me to stop the Lyrica immediately! No shit Dick Tracey! It is a reaction to the Lyrica and nothing to do but wait it out! There are no meds I can take to stop it!

Finally after 3 days it subsides to occasional jerks, It was the most horrible experience! still to this day I get occasional jerks! And now I can not take the Lyrica, the pains are coming back big time. My Doc give me some Vicodins and Anti-steroidal meds while I wait to see the specialist in Boston.

Finally I get into Boston to see Dr Shure. He does a bunch of motor tests and pressure points, He concurs with the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. He also feels that I may have a problem in my brain, wonderful huh, does it ever f$%ing stop? Well I am going to see the Neurologist anyway so DR Shure orders a brain scan and suggests Amitriptyline and Prozac for the fibro. I do not get these filled yet!

Next day back at My Docs, He agrees an writes the scripts. So off to the pharmacy for more pills. Well I take my new meds and the next morning while having my coffee trying to wake up, I start having very weird, hostile thoughts, I was getting angry and wanted to harm someone or thing.. What the heck, I am not a violent person, but I was getting very violent thoughts.
Suddenly I remember my gun cabinet in the basement and though maybe I should go get one or two, I don’t know why but it seem like the thing to do! I can’t get up! I try and fall flat on my face! I lie there not being able to move!

More Later!

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