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I am really depressed Lately, must be all of the cancer scares and the constant trips to doctors and hospitals, I feel worn out, the pain in my arms and legs is getting unbearable. I am consuming large quantities of Tylenol, Motrin and any Vicodin I can find or beg off of people I know.

My Doc sends me for a contrast MRI of my pancreas, first set of pictures goes well, then they have to put in an iv for the contrast. Two technicians try and try but cant get into a vein, I have holes all over my arms and then they finally give up. I tried to explain that I have small veins and need heat wraps and very small needle to get in, but do they listen? NO .

Anyway they continue with out the contrast, when I see my doctor he tells me everything looked ok but we will need to do it again later because of the lack of contrast. Great ! just what I need.

About 18 months have past, I have seen a ton of specialists, my Diabetes is under control, I seem to be cancer free, I have lost 11 pounds bringing me down to 162. Finally my doc decides it is time to look at my pain symptoms.

He runs a lot of blood tests, tests for Lyme disease and comes back with nothing other than white counts are a little high but I have no infections. He does a few pressure point tests and at the end give me some samples of Lyrica! Says take theses and come back in two weeks.

Oh boy, let me just say that the Lyrica made me feel like I was drunk, I could not walk straight, or think straight, but the pain level was way down. My legs almost felt normal. Arms and shoulders were a lot better too. I return to the doc and he then pronounces that I have Fibromyalgia and Diabetic Neuropathy. This is based on the fact that the Lyrica is helping with the pain. He now adds an anti depressant and some Triglyceride meds with the Lyrica.

The cost of Lyrica is very high, with my insurance the co pay was 75.00, but it was helping. I now could walk straight and my thinking a little clearer.

3 months go bye and my shoulder and arm pain is getting worse but the legs are still ok. Doc is not too concerned, gives me some steroids and Vicodin’s and send me on my way. During this time my business is failing, I am self employed and not being able to function properly has cause me to lose a few important clients, My depression worsens from the lack of funds.

At this point I have joined a few sites that have support for Fibromyalgia and Diabetes, Having little knowledge of Diabetes and no knowledge of Fibromyalgia, I figured it was time to learn more, and learn more I did, to the point that it was now scaring the shit out of me.

More Later!

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