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My stress and pain levels are getting higher and higher. Anti Depressants not doing much to reduce my stress. My trip to the heart specialist for the Radio Active testing proved to be Ok, they redid the stress test with an iv in my arm, I completed the whole thing and them did a test just sitting for 20 minutes. The results to be sent to my doctor !! arg why cant they just tell you?

Went to the Urologist and he did a fun test! Yup they put a camera in your pee pee and check out you bladder.. Oh My God, was that embarrassing, not painful though cause they fill up your thing with a Novocain first, ya that was real fun too…. They call it a cystoscopy, so if your doctor says you need one, now you know what they do!

Well that test came back OK, Doc didn’t see anything there but ordered a ultra sound just to be sure.

Back to my doctor for some results, seems the heart is fine ? Now why did I fail all the other tests ? NO answer! but everything is OK so don’t worry about it! Sure I wont worry about it!

Meanwhile, there is the Colonoscopy to be done! Whats that you say! Well they put this 18 inch tube up your butt! Look around for bad things and send you home.. Was I worried? You Bet I was.

Turns out, not so bad! they knocked me out and when I awoke it was all over and they even told me every thing looked fine!!!!! They gave me a picture of my colon, just what everybody wants right! :) I should get it framed and put it on the living room wall …….

Back to Doctor Again :( this really is tiring. Most test results are in.. Cholesterol is coming down, pressure good, colon good..yea!

Oh Oh something was found in the ultrasound… Not in the bladder but on my Pancreas! Here we go again, I ask what could it be.. The reply was Cancer again! When I checked out Pancreatic Cancer I read a death sentence…. 5% survival rate, you got to be kidding me, I cant have this… not when the other stuff is starting to look better..

More to come Doc

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