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3 weeks have past and now I am in the doctors office again :( This time they did an EKG which was skipped on the first visit, then they did the EKG again, and a third time, What me worry ? naw I am healthy right?

In comes the doctor with his reports! EKG is very bad, scheduling a stress test, be sure to take it easy till then! OMG again the pressures going up…. Found something in my bladder, probably cancer ! Schedule a visit to the Urologists.. I am getting a little tired of this.

I forgot to mention one of the reasons I went to the doctor, was to get a referral to my ear doctor. I had my hearing bone replaced a few years back and it had failed, so I am deaf in one ear. I wanted to try and get it repaired again, so I needed a referral for the insurance to cover it.

The doc told me it would not be a good idea for that just now as I have some real serious things wrong with me at the moment. Just wonderful! As for the aches and pains which were getting worse, he said not to worry, lets concentrate on the other stuff!!

After a Three week wait, I got to see the heart specialist. They put me up on a tread mill and started the test, after about 3 minutes they shut it down prematurely.. Seems something did not look right on the EKG monitor…. Yikes! Come back in a week for a special test with radio active dye…….

Meanwhile, I have attended counseling at the Diabetes clinic, there I was taught what to eat, what not to eat, how to test my sugar, how to watch out for low and high sugar and what to do… Not bad but I was going through depression about living or dying with Diabetes. Although with my heart not so good and maybe having cancer, who the hell cares about sugar!

Return to my regular doctor and he puts me on a anti depressant and something to reduce my Triglycerides.. Wow how about some pain pills for my legs??? No way, I have to just deal with it for now.

More to Come, Doc

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