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Courtesy of Dominie Bush
A fever would change my life forever and how could one imagine that a fever could do that? Over the course of a mid-June weekend I noticed myself getting sick. By Monday morning, I woke –up feeling like my head was going to explode; I could hardly swallow; my throat felt like sand paper; and I was dizzy and disoriented. I asked my mother to check my temperature and it came up a tad below 106 degrees. She brought me immediately to the doctor. I was diagnosed with mononucleosis. I spent that summer in bed and in a personal painful wasteland of brutal fatigue, muscle pain, sore throats, swollen glands, sleep disorders, memory problems, brain fog, word usage problems, and a feeling that I had lost my brain. As the fall semester would approach for college, for this 25 year old male, I would painfully come to realize that I was not the same Ed that I was before I left school in May, and that something was very different about my body and my brain. I would struggle for the next five years to finish both undergraduate and graduate studies, and go from doctor to doctor searching for a cure and help. By the time my studies where all over, I was left completely physically empty and there was nothing left to work in the field that I had studied and worked so hard to get into to. In March of 1996, I finally meet a great doctor who finally diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). At this point I was so sick that work was out of the question and disability looked like the only option for me. Severe and overwhelming physical and muscle pain was now becoming bad, where as it was not before, and I was soon to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (FM). My doctor had said that many people with CFS develop FM too.

After five years of depression and emotional pain with coping with my own demons and battles with CFS, FM, The Social Security Administration, and The Housing and Urban Development Agency, I finally found peace, serenity, happiness, love, faith, and a higher power. Also, my disability monies came and I got my own subsided federal apartment. So, by 2001 I felt like my life was feeling normal again. I was still symptomatic but I had changed despite the CFS and FM had not changed at all. I went back to church and to spiritual retreats and through that I was able to match the calamity of my own CFS and FM with serenity. A higher power made this possible for me. The first time in years depression began to elude me and felt happy and serene because I was tired of being negative and depressed and it also began to bring my body and mind down. I wanted to find a better way to cope and live. I met a beautiful woman and we fell in love about two years ago and she has made me a better man and a better person. I had been alone for twelve years and I had lost all hope that I would ever meet anyone again. But, through faith and patience my higher power put her in my path and I was able to ask her out and hence began our process of being together.

This beautiful and lovely woman encouraged me to continue writing my book, Fibro-man (with CFS). I began to give-up on it because I figured that no one wanted to read a book from the male perspective or the male point-of-view. But, I continued to press and type on and the book was completed in September of 2004. The book has received wonderful reviews from both male and female along with CFS and FM magazines. If would like to read more about my book you can visit my website at

Courtesy of Dominie Bush

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