I need your support

To my Family and friends who already know about Patrick and Patricia, you can skip this post as there is nothing new in it, I only want to update others who don’t know.

This is way off base from what this blog is about but then again maybe not. I am in pain, so bad I can barely think. Nothing is touching it and I do have narcotics and other “Fibro” Meds. The stress and strain, how can you control it, read on and get the basics of what is happening right now.

Last Wednesday evening at 4:30pm my daughter Patricia was in a horrendous head on accident, she had to be air lifted into Boston where she is now. Trisha is in the Intensive care unit of the Deaconess West Hospital with multiple fractures, ruptured spleen, broken neck c2 broken ribs and other things, she has pneumonia and they cannot operate on her neck in this condition. We had hoped that it would be done today the 20th, perhaps tomorrow, her spleen was removed and anterior arterial surgeries performed to stop hemorrhage behind her eye and going into her brain. She is in tough shape.

Her twin Patrick had to come down from Fort Drum New York where he lives with my other daughter Kim, who also came down. After being at the hospital all day Sunday and him complaining of pains, Thought to be from an old injury that hurts more with stress we got home and tried to sleep only to have Patrick laying on the floor at 4:30 am in dire pain, so the ambulance was called and he went to the ER. He has a 10mm Kidney Stone, way too large to pass and a 4 mm stone on the other side. He was transported to Patricia’s hospital for surgery, only to just have a stent put in. They will go back in and shatter the stone later this week. Ouch, Even though they are paternal twins they are extremely close.

We are constantly driving back and forth to the hospital, an hours drive, sitting around waiting to hear from surgeons only to be seen by residents who cannot answer our questions, then we speak to a surgeon and he can only talk about the one part of the overall picture. I understand that they are all specialists and seeing them all at once would be a nightmare, but I would like to talk to the overseer, the one who knows all. The closest I have come is the nurse. At least they are aware of Patricia’s overall condition, are there all the time and respond quickly to calls and questions.

This is knocking the sh$t out of me and I believe that Patricia will face many years of extreme pain, not from her injuries which will be a problem in themselves, but I am sure she will get Fibro, It is hereditary, trauma and stress related.. all these things she has to look forward to, but we want her to be able to look forward to them, even as bad as I am, I want life. I use to think about quitting, but no more.

We ask for your prays and blessings for our two sick and injured children and I also ask an extra prayer for my wife Marilyn, daughter Kim and my oldest son Matthew, to keep them sane and healthy during this time. They already had enough to worry about with me, but as Saint Pio said “Pray, Hope and don’t worry”

All denominations are welcome Although we are Catholics and believe in Jesus, we would gladly accept a blessing from Allah. Thank You, Bob

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