Hypnosis for Weight Loss

by Pattie Freeman

Obesity has been a major topic in the last ten years. The US is known as the most weight nation in the world. This generation is more fast food minded then the past generations. Calories, Carbs, Sugar is the top of the list of food changes in your choices.

Now that the Holidays had passed more people are starting the new year with new goals and the one that is top priority is Weight Loss. As always everyone starts out with good intentions with a diet no matter how good they are the dieter finds that the weight they are expecting to lose is a slow process. This triggers disappointment and with that they stop dieting and the process of weight gain starts all over again. So the cycle starts again and again and more weight gain continues and the motivation is gone.

Hypnosis is a plan to assist in making smart decisions in eating the right foods, and developing a exercise routine if that’s your goal. While using Hypnotherapy it can assist you in enhancing your lifestyle not just in your weight gain but also help in curbing to eat certain healthier foods, changing eating habits when it comes to snacking. It Let’s you manage your life by being more aware of how and why you eat the way you do. Eating is a emotional state and a lot of times stem from childhood habits that you bring into adulthood. To break a habit it takes about 21 days this is easy said then done but, it can be done easier with the help of Hypnosis.

Did you know that weight loss is ninety percent mental and for all the excuses we encounter we usually reflect and go back and gain the weight back plus five percent more then in the beginning. People seem to feel they need to weight themselves frequently to see what is the weight gain or loss. This is actually sabotage for anyone wanting to lose weight when you try to watch your weight to the pound/ounce by watching the scale is not a good thing during your weight loss process. If you don’t lose the pounds then your mind begins to think that it is not working and then there is disappointment and mentally it brings a negative thought and that’s when defeat sets in.

Clients hold on to their weight issues for different reasons and one is due to stress, divorce and the main one is security. The question is what would they do without the weight? Most find themselves lost and have no more excuses for their actions. Most of the people who go on a diet 95% return to their normal weight and even sometimes double the weight back.This leaves them unsatisfied and the feeling of depression,insecurity so the eating choices start back to bad ones. To start new again will be awhile since now they don’t have to just overcome the weight but the mental challenge of successfully completing the weight they desire.

Hypnosis doesn’t give you anything you don’t want only what you desire and need. In your mind if you want to really lose the weight whether its 20-50 pounds then it can happen. Wanting it is one thing and doing is the other, It took a long time to get that weight and with time it can be gone even faster with hypnosis that doesn’t leave cravings or withdrawal symptoms of guilt.

Hypnosis is done with brain waves so visual is not needed to be effective but it can be better if you can by visualization things look clearly.

Hypnosis works if you let it happen.

Copyright (c) 2008 Pattie Freeman

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