How I cured my Diabetes

Got your attention? good, If you have been reading my blog then you know I have been going through a tough time with my daughter almost being killed in an auto accident. After almost 9 weeks in the hospital she came home, we had to keep running for doctors appointments and then more appointments. A little at a time she has gotten better and just a week ago she had taken a shower and forgot to put on her eye patch and later realized that her vision had come back !! Another small miracle, small compared to the other ones she already received.Then my wife took sick and after 2 weeks of misery they finally decided that her gallbladder had to come out. No sweat easy scope operation but painful. Well when they inserted the scope and pumped her up with co2 her heart rate fell and went lower and lower so they stopped and reduced the pressure. Her heart rate came back so they restarted the procedure only this time her heart stopped!

After applying CPR and several medications they got it started again, thank GOD.. 2 days later the did it the old fashion way, after checking her heart first.. Seems lowering heart rate is very common with this procedure but not cardiac arrest, we always do things different….. So I have been stressed out, in fibro hell with no relief.. but hey lets get back to my opening line.. 6 months ago I made a change in my diet and 3 months later my A1c dropped to 6.0 from a 7.3, my doctor then reduced my medication. On my next visit my A1c was 5.6 Perfectly normal and again my meds were decreased.

I am still taking 1 Pill for my diabetes twice a day.. no injections, nothing else. I eat everything, I do use splenda in my coffee, but not my tea, I do not drink any soda, haven’t in years. I do not eat candy and rarely cake but I have done this for a long time. the only change other than all the stress which should have increased my levels is. Are you ready?

Every night at about 8pm I get a bag of buttered microwave popcorn, 1 large orange and a slice of Kosher dill Pickle.That’s my secret recipe By the way, Last check my cholesterol and trigliseride levels were fine, blood pressure great, heart rate a little slow so they cut that med in 1/2.

Well it’s 8pm time for some feel good snacks.Fibro hugs to allThanks for the caring emails and for your prayers, I know they have worked.

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