Family Updates for those who care

It’s now early February, Patricia just came home to our house, although she could have used an other week or two in a rehab, no one was paying. Maybe it’s just our nervousness and she is ok. I don’t know, she has a halo on her head, a feeding tube hanging out of her stomach and a patch over one eye… Looks fine to me. Its amazing what the body and prayer can do!
I firmly believe that it was your prayers that guided the hands of the surgeons, unfortunately we did not ask for them to treat us as humans, they were rude, crude and socially unacceptable… They left us for hours after a surgery before telling us how it went. Typical? It seemed to bother them, If we asked questions that needed lengthy explanations. As bad as they were, as mad as I got, I forgive them!
Patricia underwent over 20 hours of neurosurgery trying to close off bleeding arteries in behind her eye, the last session was 8 1/2 hours, which resulted in them shutting down her right carotid artery. They had tried to put in coils and shunts but to no avail. Fortunately Trisha has sufficient flow from her other arteries to supply her brain, and the fistula behind her eye drained away completely.
She has vision in her eye, but only one at a time. They think this will correct itself in a few months. She is eating soft foods (broken jaw) which she can fix herself.
The Halo should come off in a week, the feeding tube a month…..that’s the closest appointment.
I wish to thank you all for your letters of concern and for your prayers, It was and to a lesser extent a dreadful experience and a total drain on our bodies, I was falling asleep in chairs all over the hospital, My wife and I did not work at all, we used up the last of our savings just for gasoline and parking fees, let alone all the extras. But that’s ok, we will get by.
My son has returned to New York with his older sister who were god sends in this, Kimberly took over a lot, she stayed over 5 weeks with my 2 year old grandson, but her husband and my other grandsons stayed in New York. It was hard on all. But Patrick had a stent put in his kidney and the stone broken up, they left the stent in, it is still there, He will have it removed in NY.

So Here I am a 58 year old man who has shed many tears in the past two months, mostly on the news from doctors, but also from the pain..Fibro has a grip om me that gets tighter every day. All this pressure has made it worse. I showed up at my pain doctor 3 weeks early, wrote down the wrong date, I thought it strange that I still had some percs left.

So right now I am getting ready to take Patricia to the first of hundreds of follow ups, strange, it did not bother her to ride in the car. Oh well, till next time you hear from me..

Thank You

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