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Hello, My name is Bob Smith although everyone calls me “Doc” . I am the creator and web master of and I thought that maybe my story should be told here as well.

I am a 57 year old male with Fibromyalgia, CFS, Diabetes, Hemochromatosis, and some degenerative disk disease. My story goes back to the late 1990′s I had been living with pain in my arms, legs, shoulders and sometimes just where ever it felt like happening. I assumed it was due to aging and not having been very good to my body when I was younger.

I was working long hours, making good money, and for the most part enjoying my life, except for the nagging pains. I noticed I did not go play golf much, when asked I always had an excuse. Same with snow skiing and a lot of other sports. I really didn’t think much of it.

Well around the time I hit 50 my dear wife decided I needed a physical and I thought it would be a good time to get a referral to have my ear rebuilt (another long story) so off I went to my brand new Primary Care Physician thinking this wont take long. He ran a bunch of tests, poked , prodded and generally embarrassed the heck out of me. I didn’t mention the pains because I still thought it was aging.

Well 3 days later I get a call to come back to his office. He informs me that I have Diabetes, blood in my urine, and I had failed the ECG. Now where the Diabetes came from I don’t know, I told him I always suffered from LOW blood sugar, so how could I have High sugar. Seems you can have both! Off I go to the Diabetes clinic, The Urologist and a heart specialist. Just made my day. Long story short, heart was ok, bladder was ok, diabetes controlled by diet alone.

This whole thing went on for about 2 years before Doc said I was healthy enough for the ear operation, and in the mean time I started to mention all the pains I was having because they were getting worse, I was finding it hard to work, my concentration was terrible, my IQ seemed to be dropping a point a week.

I had my operation and it was a failure, right ear totally deaf, not enough left inside to rebuild, an infection had destroyed the hearing bone and stapes. After the operation, I was getting worse and the next time I saw my PCP I told him it was time to address the pain, once and for all. He did concentrate on it, did more tests for Lyme Disease and other bad things, did some more very painful poking and concluded I had Fibromyalgia.

I had what???? Never heard of it! and I also had Peripheral neuropathy from the diabetes. He gave me a script for Lyrica, also never heard of it either.. I took the new med and quickly degraded to a moron, but not too much pain. this was good! I then spent a month or two combing the web for everything I could find about Fibro and Lyrica, I was not thrilled about either. I quickly added 27 pounds, could barely remember how to get home, I have driven past my driveway at least a dozen times!!! To be fair I have only lived here 20 years lol .

Time marches on, I see a top Lupus and Rheumatologist Doctor at the Women and Brigham Hospital in Boston, He confers with my PCP and increases the Lyrica, It had not been working too well lately. So I have a reaction to the Lyrica, my body went into spasms, I fell off a chair I was jerking so badly. Well it was time to stop the Lyrica and move on to Amitripiline, Prozac and something else.. No good, I couldn’t get up and its just as well because I wanted to kill or maim someone..

The doctors decided that I was a little in-tolerant with medications, Brilliant deduction ! So now I am on Imapramine a 50 year old med used for bed wetters, but it does help a little, I don’t sleep hardly at all, then I cant stay awake.. But all in all with the help from my fibro friends on the web, a decent diet limiting gluten, some nutrients and vitamins I am doing ok.

I can’t work full time, or do the things I use to, but I have found away to stay close to my friends and family and to do that which I can, when I can. I have learnt to pace myself and to keep tract of my spoons (spoon theory, read it) My family is understanding.. It is hard dealing with the guys. Just can’t say I am in pain 24/7 so I can’t do something with them.. Guys don’t talk about pains when together, we talk about sports, Casino’s, Girls ect. At least we can discuss things on the web thought.

Fibro is forever it seems, but we can live full enjoyable life’s once we come to terms with it and discover how to keep it from interfering. I know my attitudes have changed, I have more compassion for people, I see and smell the roses now, I longer run them down with the lawnmower :)

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