Doc’s Fibromyalgia Story Part 2

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Many things have been going on since I last updated my post. After7 months or so the Imipramine stopped working for my fibro pain. I hate when that happens, you just get use to something and bam, you have to start over.
We decided to give Cymbalta a try. The doctor more than me, I have heard many bad stories about Cymbalta, but we are all different so I went along with trying it.

At 30 mg twice a day, the pain had lessened to a 4/5 but after a few months I was starting to get a little bitchy. The doc upped it to 60 mg twice a day and the feeling bitchy went away but I was not feeling anything but my pain. I was numb, a zombie …

After fighting so hard to get the insurance to pay for the Cymbalta, I now new I would have to stop using it and try again..

In the mean time, my blood sugar levels, which had been fine for years are now running very high, My doctor has added medication, pills for now to help control the glucose levels and I cant seem to shake this extra 30 lbs I am carrying

On the Fibro front, I am now taking the newest medication, Savella 50mg twice daily, this med has been approved and used in Europe for 5 or more years, but it is new here in the States.

I must admit, the Fibro and Neuropathy pains are almost gone !!!!! My head is a lot clearer, and I feel like myself not some Zombie.. I get angry, I get happy.. this is good!

The Cymbalta required a withdrawal, that the makers do not admit to. I had to reduce the amount slowly to avoid the painful headaches and stomach aches. Then there is the brain zaps ! don’t know what else to call them, all of a sudden its like an electric shock in the brain, happens more when you twist your head or even your eyes! Well they are not as frequent now, It has been a month! that’s it for now!

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