Diet, Exercise and Natural Solutions: 5 Tips for Just-Diagnosed Diabetics

by Robert P. Tracy

If you’ve just received word from your doctor that you have Type 2 diabetes, welcome to the club! It’s a large and growing group that you’ve joined.

You want to commit yourself to a new life style and be willing to learn about foods, exercise, supplements and about yourself. This is the material that makes success stories. You can expect to be successful in your new program for life only if you are ready to commit yourself to change. So how do your do this?

You’re probably a bit confused about what to do next. For the newbie diabetics, here’s a quick list of tips that can help you to get control of your blood sugar, get control over your weight and most of all, get back your life:

Tip #1: Share Your Feelings

Yes, we know it’s tough. But feeling sorry for yourself won’t reduce your chances of amputation, blindness, erectile dysfunction and early death. These are daunting subjects to face – so one of the best things a diabetes newbie can do is share those feelings of fear, anger and depression with others in the same diabetic boat. Go to the American Diabetes Association website and find local chapters that list support group meetings and times.

Tip #2: Manage Your Stress Level

It’s not just blood sugar and weight levels that need to be controlled. With a diabetes diagnosis comes a lot of stress and anxiety. Get your mind under control with yoga, meditation or other diversions that will help you focus on recovery and control.

Tip #3: Exercise 5 Days a Week

One of the best diversions for your mind and your body is exercise. It’s a common recommendation of most doctors for gaining control of diabetes.
But did you know that you don’t have to join a gym to get the benefits needed? Brisk walking or roving are good for you and actually are better for you than highly strenuous workouts – particularly in the initial phases of diabetes recovery. Moderate exertion on a daily basis will help your mind, body and speed recovery.

Tip #4: Avoid Sugar and, in particular, HFCS

Cutting out sugar laden products is an obvious change to make. And it should be done immediately. But did you know that another sweetening ingredient, high fructose corn syrup or HFCS, is actually worse for you than sugar? Not only is this cheap ingredient calorie dense, it also strips your body of chromium – a trace mineral that helps regulate blood sugar. Cut out the HFCS and watch your weight and blood sugar go down.

Tip #5: Take Natural Solutions Supplements That Work

Vitamins E, C and something called Alpha Lipoic Acid are supplements shown in clinical tests to help lower your blood sugar levels and even impact weight reduction. But be sure to take chromium supplements, particularly niacin-bound chromium (the most effective form of chromium) as well.
Even if you think you’re eliminating HFCS from your daily meals, it’s contained in so many products (including ketchup and popsicles) that it’s almost impossible to keep out of your diet. By supplementing with a niacin-bound based supplement, you’ll lower blood sugar levels and even lower your weight.

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