Causes and Management of Stress

by Pedro Daniel

When stress becomes chronic, is the direct cause of many physical illnesses. It is not the city, it is not the job or the familiar environment. Many times in our life, the source of stress is our resistance to accept the circumstances. It is very important to take care of our nervous system, and the chronic stress is a predator for our overall health.

It seems that the stress is with us from the beginning of the times, and through the centuries we have been changing the object and the cause of our stress, but we have not overcome this ailment. Surely the men of the caves were some times very nervous, as they had to hunt for food and fight against the hostile tribes often. More recently and with the advance of our civilization, wars and crisis of all kinds have contributed to fill our bodies with a significant burden of stress.

The stress has physical, mental and emotional causes, but the fact is that it has become a global disease which has no respect for age and sex. There are two basic causes of stress: The external conditions which are often not caused by the sufferer, such as assaults, threats, economic problems, problematic relationships and many other conflicts. Another very common cause of stress is self-generated, and is linked with the expectations that the person may have about his life, career opportunities, personal accomplishments and goals. When the facts do not fit perfectly into what we want, the stress appears, we can’t accept the circumstances, we believe that life is not fair enough with us, and the anxiety starts to pale our lives.

Whatever the cause of stress is, not only begins to dark our days and steal the joy, but also has very specific effects on our health, being the direct cause of many diseases and ailments that often become uncontrollable. As the stress is cumulative, it will worsen the physical condition and many times if there is no an adequate treatment, the person ends up collapsing.

Stress weakens the immune system, predisposes to the development of heart disease, hemiplegia stroke, depression, gastric diseases, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, stroke, severe neurosis, laboral problems and many more. Also more recent studies showed that a high amount of cortisol in the body, stimulates the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and thus the emergence of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiac risk. All our personal and family relationships are affected, making us difficult to have a genuine relationship with others.

It seems then that is quite difficult to get rid of all causes that can cause stress, so a proper perspective is to learn some techniques that can help us to bear with fortitude and calm, the most difficult situations we have to face. Therapies such as yoga, meditation, exercises, reiki and many others have proven to be very effective in lowering the anxiety levels. When stress is chronic and acute, a medical consultation is essential.

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