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I need your support

To my Family and friends who already know about Patrick and Patricia, you can skip this post as there is nothing new in it, I only want to update others who don’t know.

This is way off base from what this blog is about but then again maybe not. I am in pain, so bad I can barely think. Nothing is touching it and I do have narcotics and other “Fibro” Meds. The stress and strain, how can you control it, read on and get the basics of what is happening right now.

Last Wednesday evening at 4:30pm my daughter Patricia was in a horrendous head on accident, she had to be air lifted into Boston where she is now. Trisha is in the Intensive care unit of the Deaconess West Hospital with multiple fractures, ruptured spleen, broken neck c2 broken ribs and other things, she has pneumonia and they cannot operate on her neck in this condition. We had hoped that it would be done today the 20th, perhaps tomorrow, her spleen was removed and anterior arterial surgeries performed to stop hemorrhage behind her eye and going into her brain. She is in tough shape.

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Pain in the @#$$

Pain, It is a huge part of our lives. We try not to let it interfere with us, but it does anyway. We all have our own ways for dealing with it and those who love us, for they can be worse than the pain and the long list of other “complaints” that we have. I am fortunate, I have been diagnosed with several “REAL” diseases, and  open heart bypass surgery.

By fortunate ‘and I think most of you already know” with having these people now treat me different. If I get tired, they suggest I take a nap or “lay down for a while” that use to be part of Bob’s getting lazy or “just get moving, you’ll be fine”

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The Festival of Lights Opens Up

Friday December 9th the Bridgewater Festival of Lights opened up and I was there to see the lights. It was a great night, on the warm side. The Bridgewater Academy Lions were there for the weekend serving free refreshments and helping Santa and his elves get the pictures taken with the children. CameraZOOM-20111209193811600It can be a job to keep kids on his lap long enough for a decent picture. Smile My job is keeper of the flame! In other words I put logs on the fire to keep it roaring.

The fire attracts everyone when it gets cold, so I get a lot of company. As the secretary of Starlight Charities I have to be there at the light festival for every weekend and some nights during the week, but with my fibromyalgia it is a hard thing to do. The cold saps my strength and no amount of pain pills can ease the throbbing pain in my muscles and joints but the music and the laughter of the children make it worth the effort. Continue reading

Poor Alec Baldwin

Poor Alec Baldwin force-ably removed from an American Airlines Plane for playing a non interfering game at the gate.. And I think I have problems :) Fortunately that would never happen to me for several reasons.

1. I am basically a nice guy who does what is asked of him by a superior. Yes when in the plane, your airline personnel are there to provide you a safe, comfortable trip and in these times they are also your superior, just like in jail, they are the jailer and you are the prisoner, So Alec needs to pretend (that’s acting) to be his younger brother, what’s his name. Continue reading

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Good morning everyone! I’ve decieded to change the format of this blog. I am going to get selfish and make it about me. The heck with trying to keep content fresh in order to attact those who may click on an add and help support me. Sorry I do need the income, but enough of that.
As many know I am one of the few men with fibro, I believe there are maybe a million more that just don’t want to acknowledge it. I understand why and as I am not a football or sports figure, I cannot influence anyone. I am just your average guy.

In todays episode we find Bob sitting at his keyboard cursing the pain in his hands, How can I type with all this pain? I have already taken my morning 9 different meds plus my get out of bed 10 mg Oxycontin with 1/2 10/325mg percoset. Those 2 I take 20 minutes before trying to get out of bed. Hope we never have another fire :) Continue reading

Bob’s Fibromyalgia chapter 8

This entry is part of a series, my fibro»

I last left off, getting ready for bypass surgery. I didn’t know if I would be back to finish this story but I am glad to say I am. According to my doctor, the surgery went very well and my recovery was fast. This he said, was because I was young and strong. Well I was not going to argue about the strong part. I have to admit the pain was not as bad as I thought it would be, or was I just so use to pain? Sure coughing was a nightmare of instant pain but it subsided quickly, yet the aches in my arms and legs did not go away.

After six weeks of being confined to a chair in my house, I was sent to rehab 3 times a week. It was painful doing the exercises but I found that I had less leg pain at night and less restless leg symptoms. At least there was some benefit to the pain of exercising other than rebuilding my stamina. Unfortunately that only lasted 2 months and I was ushered out. Left alone to continue without any machines or even a sidewalk to walk on. I found myself doing less and less exercising every day.

Although I was back to working everyday, It is hard to stay awake or to focus on anything for long. I believe that the exercise was helping but I hate walking on the side of the road. A treadmill was to be brought in for me but that has yet to happen and it has only been 4 months. Everyone always has something else they need to do. Its ok I am no longer important, as a fibro suffer I barely exist in other peoples eyes.

Its funny, I received attention and sympathy when I had open heart surgery, but after a few months I was cured of that! so no more consideration just for the Fibro!

Well at this point I am about finished writing, I am scheduled for disc removal from my neck in a few weeks so If I am not paralized from it I shall return to update this story.. Is it me, or have I lost my optimism?? Later

Doc’s Fibromyalgia Story Part 2

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Many things have been going on since I last updated my post. After7 months or so the Imipramine stopped working for my fibro pain. I hate when that happens, you just get use to something and bam, you have to start over.
We decided to give Cymbalta a try. The doctor more than me, I have heard many bad stories about Cymbalta, but we are all different so I went along with trying it.

At 30 mg twice a day, the pain had lessened to a 4/5 but after a few months I was starting to get a little bitchy. The doc upped it to 60 mg twice a day and the feeling bitchy went away but I was not feeling anything but my pain. I was numb, a zombie …

After fighting so hard to get the insurance to pay for the Cymbalta, I now new I would have to stop using it and try again..

In the mean time, my blood sugar levels, which had been fine for years are now running very high, My doctor has added medication, pills for now to help control the glucose levels and I cant seem to shake this extra 30 lbs I am carrying

On the Fibro front, I am now taking the newest medication, Savella 50mg twice daily, this med has been approved and used in Europe for 5 or more years, but it is new here in the States.

I must admit, the Fibro and Neuropathy pains are almost gone !!!!! My head is a lot clearer, and I feel like myself not some Zombie.. I get angry, I get happy.. this is good!

The Cymbalta required a withdrawal, that the makers do not admit to. I had to reduce the amount slowly to avoid the painful headaches and stomach aches. Then there is the brain zaps ! don’t know what else to call them, all of a sudden its like an electric shock in the brain, happens more when you twist your head or even your eyes! Well they are not as frequent now, It has been a month! that’s it for now!

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My Fibromyalgia Page 6

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My son came home to find me on the floor and helped me to the sofa, He called my wife at work who called my doctor to see what to do, My Doctor immediately takes me off the Prozac and Amitripiline and said Continue reading

My Fibromyalgia Page 5

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3 months later, back at my docs, arms and shoulders have really deteriorated so doc schedules an appointment with a Neurosurgeon, A Neurologist and a leading Fibro/ Lupus doctor at the Brigham and Women s Hospital in Boston. His name is Dr Peter Shure Continue reading

My Fibromyalgia Page 4

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I am really depressed Lately, must be all of the cancer scares and the constant trips to doctors and hospitals, I feel worn out, the pain in my arms and legs is getting unbearable. I am consuming large quantities of Tylenol, Motrin and any Vicodin I can find or beg off of people I know. Continue reading