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Good morning everyone! I’ve decieded to change the format of this blog. I am going to get selfish and make it about me. The heck with trying to keep content fresh in order to attact those who may click on an add and help support me. Sorry I do need the income, but enough of that.
As many know I am one of the few men with fibro, I believe there are maybe a million more that just don’t want to acknowledge it. I understand why and as I am not a football or sports figure, I cannot influence anyone. I am just your average guy.

In todays episode we find Bob sitting at his keyboard cursing the pain in his hands, How can I type with all this pain? I have already taken my morning 9 different meds plus my get out of bed 10 mg Oxycontin with 1/2 10/325mg percoset. Those 2 I take 20 minutes before trying to get out of bed. Hope we never have another fire :)

After spending some time setting up this post, I lost track of where I was going with the post. Happens to me a lot how about you? Well that’s one of the things I hate about this stinking disease above some of the others, Loss of memory. Well we just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary, to some that may not mean much, but to someone who has fibro, just knowing your spouse is willing to stand by you is major! One little problem is after the party and the lights went out, so did I. I just went to sleep, no desire or wants other than a piece of cake..

I have no desires anymore..Doctor tried adding testosterone but that hasn’t helped at all. Is it the meds? the Fibro? who knows.. and it is not just with my wife, beautiful Victoria Secret models barely get my attention and only for a fleeting moment..That’s Just not right

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