Bob’s Fibromyalgia chapter 9

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Well here I am, back from the dead, so to speak.I wrote this page many months ago but it seems that all the text was lost when it was posted. Neck surgery went well for the most part, they disc a fusion of c4,5 and six leaving me with less movement than before but after it healed the shoulder pain went away on the left side and lessoned on the right.

My Fibromyalgia is for the most part non-existent. I see and feel less of the typical problems as days go by. My CFS is now reduced to a lazy nap in the mid afternoon when most people are hitting up their 5th cup of coffee or a 5 hour energy drink, I just siesta.

I thought recently that I was having a relapse or as We use to call them a FLair of my Fibro, but it turns out that the problems I was having were related to my medications and my neck. It seems that I now have a narrowing of c1 that is crimping the nerves and c2,c3 disk is bulging. This is causing a lot of pain on my right shoulder and arm and the doctors feel there is nothing to do about it.

So I am back to a semi healthy 60 year old diabetic with a bad spine, neuropathy, hemochromatosis and very touchy to medications I can take. So I am back to trying to exercise “lol” eat less and healthier. Fibro is not the end of the world, It does not have to cripple you, you need to learn what you can do to make your own life better.

Doctors are for the most part good, but they don’t really know you or your body. You must be your own advocate for healing. Stay positive, but cry if you need to but do not despair. You can hope, more and more people are reporting that they have beaten CFS, Fibromyalgia and you can too. I have to go now (to work !!!) but I will be back with more, God willing.

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