Bob’s Fibromyalgia chapter 8

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I last left off, getting ready for bypass surgery. I didn’t know if I would be back to finish this story but I am glad to say I am. According to my doctor, the surgery went very well and my recovery was fast. This he said, was because I was young and strong. Well I was not going to argue about the strong part. I have to admit the pain was not as bad as I thought it would be, or was I just so use to pain? Sure coughing was a nightmare of instant pain but it subsided quickly, yet the aches in my arms and legs did not go away.

After six weeks of being confined to a chair in my house, I was sent to rehab 3 times a week. It was painful doing the exercises but I found that I had less leg pain at night and less restless leg symptoms. At least there was some benefit to the pain of exercising other than rebuilding my stamina. Unfortunately that only lasted 2 months and I was ushered out. Left alone to continue without any machines or even a sidewalk to walk on. I found myself doing less and less exercising every day.

Although I was back to working everyday, It is hard to stay awake or to focus on anything for long. I believe that the exercise was helping but I hate walking on the side of the road. A treadmill was to be brought in for me but that has yet to happen and it has only been 4 months. Everyone always has something else they need to do. Its ok I am no longer important, as a fibro suffer I barely exist in other peoples eyes.

Its funny, I received attention and sympathy when I had open heart surgery, but after a few months I was cured of that! so no more consideration just for the Fibro!

Well at this point I am about finished writing, I am scheduled for disc removal from my neck in a few weeks so If I am not paralized from it I shall return to update this story.. Is it me, or have I lost my optimism?? Later

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