Avoid Animal Proteins When Suffering From Fibromyalgia

by Ricky William

This is the most common inflammatory type of arthritis. It affects about one percent of the total population and is the auto-immune form of arthritis. It is characterized by the inflammation of the synovial linings of the joint. At the onset, it affects the smaller joints, such as the wrists, hands, feet and ankles. As the condition progresses, larger joints also get affected. Whenever there is injury caused between the joints, it can get enlarged and painful and result in arthritis. The main complaint from the people suffering from arthritis is the joint pain. It is caused due to inflammation, stress on the joints, damage to the joints, etc.

The true cause of the illness is presently unknown, though many suggest that things such as infections, fungi, or bacteria are the culprits. However, there are also those that believe that rheumatoid arthritis is hereditary.

Painful and swollen joints are a common warning sign of this illness followed by muscle pain, extreme fatigue, redness and warmth at the joints, even low grade of fever and appetite loss. Accompanying symptoms were a constantly bloated abdomen, insatiable hunger, cravings for sweets; she was also suffering from pre-menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating, sleep problems, irritability and mood swings, frequent night urination and irregular menstrual cycles.

The key is to start off slow with light exercises and then slowly work your way up to longer sessions and eventually engage in more challenging exercises. This will help you to determine what you are capable of without causing more damage. Here is a short list of some exercises that will help you to reduce your fibromyalgia pain. The healing crisis can be quite painful and could cause you to think pycnogenol is harming you. What is really happening is that this powerful antioxidant is cleansing your body of toxins. It might take a couple of days or a couple of weeks to fully cleanse your system. If you will stick with the recommended usage for a minimum of 3 months you will definitely see improvement.

Stretching is probably one of the most important things that you can do before your exercise session. It not only helps to warm your muscles to prevent further injury, but it also helps to increase strength and flexibility. To eliminate toxins from your body, you simply stop eating toxic foods, and start eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds to help remove toxins at cellular levels. But not only will these foods help to eliminate toxins, but they are highly nutritious, and thus they can help to restore nutrients back into your body. In addition, you need to avoid foods that trigger gout like those that are high in protein and those that are high in purines.

Foods such as hearts, herring, mussels, sardines, and smelt are known for being high in purines. Also, try to refrain from eating sweetbreads and yeast since these are also high in purines. Animal proteins such as meat, dairy and eggs contain a lot of healthy proteins which fill you up and give you energy. However, what you may not have been told is that animal proteins also contain a lot of unhealthy saturated fats and cholesterol which become toxic in your body.

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