Am I Nuts or What?

As a result of my having Fibromyalgia and Diabetes my cholesterol is very high. I do not respond to current medications, they either do not work or I have reactions to them. So being the good person that I am (and already having bypass surgery) I decided to see if I could do something to reduce my Triglycerides as they are the worst. The last test was 550 which is down from 765  six months ago Smile

So I research ways to reduce the fat, without too much exercising because that hurts my body more than it helps and after many months I decided that trying a Mediterranean type diet would be the answer. I know that they eat a lot of oils but they do not suffer from blockages and strokes like we do.

Mostly this has worked out ok, I have reduced all meats, cut way back on red meats Cry added tons of greens and other vegetables, even ate veggie burgers but now the nutty part. I heard nuts are good for you and I like Pistachio’s and Cashews so I started increasing the amount that I ate as a snack food. Good for energy, good type of oils, I had found a great snack….or had I…Seems just like drinking 2 glasses of wine while taking a fistful of prescribed pain killers did not work out neither were the nuts.

It started as I lay down reading and snacking on some Pistachio’s I started to wheeze. I ignored it and later it went away but it happened again and again, every time I ate nuts even the Cashews which aren’t even real nuts. So I told my doctor and he said to stop eating them, try a different one. The problem is I don’t like other nuts but I did try some with the same results so the doctor said to stop eating nuts period. I didn’t want to stop and I haven’t, he said I could go into some kind of shock so I asked for a pill or injection my wife could use on me if it happened. He was not to happy with that remark.

My dilemma: he says the effects will worsen and I might die. I think maybe they will stay the same or I can get use to them. I am gonna die anyway. So do I stop and have nothing left to enjoy and I do mean nothing.

or continue, at least until it get really bad or does it just slam you one day instead of gradually getting worse?


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